His Boy Elroy Best Burgers Wollongong


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April Special – Crackles (inc Fries)  $20

Slow roasted Pork belly, Snow pea slaw, Blood orange marmalade, Pork crackle, Moe’s special sauce, American cheddar cheese & a Milk bun

Cheeseburger   $13
Beef patty, pickles, cheese, ketchup, mustard and diced onions

Fatboy   $15
Beef patty, green oak lettuce, cheese, pickles and special sauce

Heisenburger   $15
Southern fried chicken, green oak lettuce, hot sauce, fried shallots + blue cheese

Dirty Bird   $16
Southern fried chicken, green oak lettuce, cheese, bacon + blue cheese ranch 

 Chopper   $16
Beef patty, green oak lettuce cheese, bacon, blue cheese ranch, tomato sauce, raw onion + pickles

Miss Piggy   $16
Pulled pork, slaw, cheese, corn chips, special sauce + BBQ sauce

Duke   $17
Beef patty, green oak lettuce cheese, cheese, pickles, bacon, egg, onion ring, BBQ sauce + special sauce

Big Boy    $18
The everything burger! One beef patty and one tender chicken piece stacked together with special sauce, BBQ sauce, lettuce + pickles

Make it a Combo   $7
Side of Fries & Chicken – Add 3 Wings OR 1 piece of Fried Chicken
Sweet Potato Fries – $1 extra

Add to your Burger

Sauce   $1
Aioli, Blue Cheese Ranch, Special Sauce, Hot Sauce, Chipotle Mayo, BBQ. 

Gluten free bun   $2

Add an extra patty   $3

Bacon   $2

Egg   $2

Cheese   $2

Salt and Vinegar Onion Ring   $2

3 Wings (Hot, Southern Fried or BBQ)   $4.5

1 piece of Fried Chicken   $3.5

Jalapeños   $2



Side of Fries   $4

Side of Sweet Potato Fries   $6

Bowl of Fries   $8

Bowl of Sweet Potato Fries   $12


Loaded Fries

Chilli Cheese Fries   $14
Fries, melted cheese, blues cheese ranch, hot sauce & bacon

Gravy Cheese Fries   $14
Fries, Cheese, Gravy

Porky Cheese Fries   $18
Fries, Pulled Pork, BBQ Sauce & blue cheese ranch

Cheeseburger Loaded Fries   $18
Chopped Beef patty, Fries, pickles, cheese, ketchup, mustard and diced onions



His Boy Elroy’s Original Fried Chicken or Spicy Fried Chicken

1 Piece   $3.5

2 Piece   $6 

5 Piece   $13

10 Piece   $21

Hot Wings (6 per serve)   $9 

BBQ Wings (6 per serve)   $9

Southern Fried Wings (6 per serve)   $10

His Boy’s Popcorn Chicken   $10

Spicy Popcorn Chicken   $12


Vegan & Vegetarian 

Faux Boy – Go Vegan for $1 –   $16 
Veggie patty, green oak lettuce, cheese, pickles + special sauce 

Not So Clucky Burger   $16
Vegan bun, Chickpea patty, Vegan Special sauce, Jalapeños, pickles & slaw

Jack and Jill Burger   $16
Vegan bun with BBQ marinated jackfruit, slaw + special sauce 

Flower Power Popcorn   $10
Bite-sized cauliflower soaked in coconut cream with a crispy fried layer



Mac n’ Cheese with Bacon   $6

Mozzarella Sticks (3 per serve)   $10 

Salt and Vinegar Onion Rings (4 per serve)   $6

Jalapeño Poppers (6 per serve)   $10



Kids Cheeseburger + Fries   $12

Kids Chicken burger + Fries   $12

Popcorn Chicken + Fries   $12



Snakepit lager    $9
Our in-house beer brewed locally at Five Barrel Brewing.  4.2%

Budweiser    $9
A beer for people looking for beer that tastes like beer.  4.5%

Mountain Culture Lager   $10
We strip the water back to an absolute base level softness to make this beer super crisp, clean and more smashable than your mum. 4.6%

Pale Ale

Colonial Pale Ale    $9
A classic golden pale ale showcasing tropical Australian and American Hops, pine aromatics and gentle bitterness. 4.4%

Capital Brewing Summit Session Ale   $9
Pouring hazy, This beer is brewed for maximum flavour & sessionability. 3.5%

Mountain Culture Pale Ale    $10
This full-flavoured beer is well-rounded, lemonier than Mr Snicket, so piney you could varnish it and crisper than pre-dawn mountain air. Basically, it will go down easier than a diving submarine with the hatch still open. 5%

Bentspoke Barley Griffen Pale Ale   $10
A ridiculously easy drinking pale ale, perfect if you’re thinking of having a couple! 4.2%


Garage Project Golden Path Hazy IPA   $10
Brewed with mosaic, Columbus and strata for a juicy, hazy, hop bomb at a sessionable strength. 4%

Mr. Banks West Coast IPA   $10
Mr. Banks take on a West Coast IPA with a restrained bitterness & a huge dry hopping. 6.2%

Colonial IPA    $11
Enticing and quenching golden IPA, waves of jammy tropical hops. Balanced lingering bitterness. 6.5%

Capital Brewing Rock Hopper IPA   $11
Big and Juicy, this west coast IPA is loaded with tropical hop flavours and balanced with a refreshing dry finish. 6.1%

Colonial IIPA  $12
Let’s celebrate going green with a double dry hopped IIPA featuring Amarollo, Simcoe and NZ Rakau Hops. 8.2%

Bentspoke Crankshaft IPA    $12
Floral nose with notes of citrus and pine, and a nice punch of hops to go with a solid malt finish. 6.0%

Bentspoke Cluster 8 IIPA    $12
Drifting in is cluster 8, this geared up IIPA promises to quench your hop thirst.  8.8%

Mountain Culture Double Red IPA   $12
Double dry hopped with an all-star cast of American hops, this beer is bursting with flavour and more tropical fruits than Carmen Miranda’s hat. 8%

Garage Sunday Road Brewing Double Oat Cream $15
This smooth Oat Cream UPA is made with a perfect mix of Kiwi and Aussie hops, boldly balanced to enjoy it right to the bottom of the glass and say ‘how good is living down under’. 7%

Garage Project Boss Level Ultra IPA $18
A can load of weaponised hop firepower. Warning! Proceed with the upmost caution, lower your guard and it’ll be game over man, game over. 440ml can. 8.5%


Mountain Culture Status Quo   $11
Status Quo is a New England Pale. Made for hop lovers with massive late and dry hop additions, it’s full of flavoured and more tropical than the Hawaiian ukulele orchestra 5.6%

Willie the Boatman Nectar of the Hops $12
A sweet, fruity NEIPA with hints of pineapple, mango and lychees. 5.8%


Akasha Canada Bay XPA $10

With its restrained malt profile and satisfyingly bitter finish, Canada Bay may well become your new place of worship. 4.2%

Capital Brewing Co XPA $10

A bright tropical number with a hint of citrus. Very refreshing & delightfully easy to drink, like a calypso sunset in a can. 5.0%

Stouts & Porters

Sours & Gose

Wayward Raspberry Sour $10
This ridiculously refreshing beer is bursting with bright rapsberry flavours, balanced by zippy tartness and a crisp dry finish. It’s summer in can! 3.8%

Mr. Banks Peach Sour  $10
Salted peach sour. Refreshing and crushable! 3%

Batch Pash the Magic Dragon $10
A kettle sour ale with passionfruit and dragonfruit added after fermentation to give a pink colour to the beer and an intense passionfruit flavour and aroma. 4.5%

Wayward Peach & Vanilla Sour $10
This velvety, fruity kettle sour is loaded with Australian-grown peaches and backed by creamy Madagascar Bourbon vanilla. A delicate balance of sweet and sour, this indulgent drop is the ice cream sundae of beer. Go on and treat yourself. 5.2%

Batch Brewing A Berry Salty Gose $12
This gose combines dry acidity from grapefruit, rich colour and subtle sweetness from cranberries & summer sea side spray from Australian saltbush. 4.5%


Colonial Small – Mid Strength    $8

Drink small and stand tall with this full bodied, flavour packed small ale. 3.5%

Colonial Draft Kolsch Ale   $10
Crisp and Clean. 4.8%

Seltzers & Ciders (not beer)

Colonial Bertie’s Apple Cider $9
Crystal clear fresh crushed apple cider with a refreshing medium dry finish. 4.6%


Harvest Social Cantina Sauvignon Blanc, Birdwood, Adelaide Hill, SA, 2019.
$11 Glass – $50 Bottle

Chaffey Bros Wine Co, Pax Aeterna (Grebache) 2020
$12 Glass – $55 bottle 

Alpha Box and Dice, Tarot Rose
$11 Glass – $50 Bottle

La Maschera, Prosecco
$9 Glass – $44 Bottle

Hope Estate Shiraz 2015
$10 Glass – $47 Bottle

Primo Estate, Nero D’avola
$12 Glass – $55 Bottle


Big Apple   $10
Rye Whiskey + Apple Juice

Miami Splice   $15
Midori + Rum + Pineapple + Soft Serve

Passion Mojito   $16
Rum + Lime + Mint + Passionfruit

Jane His Wife  $18
Chai vodka + Elderflower + Raspberry + Apple

Espresso Martini   $16
Vodka + Baileys + Espresso

Tipsy Iced Tea   $13
Gin + Peach Schnapps + Cranberry

Hibiscus Sour   $16
Hibiscus infused gin + Vermouth + Lemon

Jalapeno Margarita   $15
Jalapeno infused tequila + Cointreau + Lime

New Old Fashioned   $17
Woodford + Ardbeg + Ginger

Milky Way   $15
Vodka + Frangelico + Chocolate


Soda   $4
Coke, Coke no sugar, Lemonade & Ginger Beer

Spiders   $6
Cola, Lemonade & Ginger Beer

Shakes   $8
Choc Oreo, Caramel Pretzel, Peanut and Jelly, Strawberry

Fresh Apple Juice   $6

Sparkling Mineral Water   $4

Lemon, Lime & Bitters   $5.5


Barstool Brothers  AS Colour tee   $10

His Boy Elroy Standard AS Colour tee   $20

Every day is Fry-day AS Colour tee   $20


Every day is Fry-day AS Colour Hoodie   $40


Snakepit Lager Cap   $35