His Boy Elroy Best Burgers Wollongong


For all allergies and dietary requirements please let staff know prior to ordering. Our kitchen contains traces of nuts.


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Burgers (includes fries)

Cheeseburger – Includes Fries   $18
Made from a speciality Beef patty blend (150gm) delivered daily from a local supplier, juicy house made pickles, American cheese, ketchup, mustard and diced onions. Common Burger Hack: Add a onion ring ($2)

Fatboy – Includes Fries  $18
A juicy speciality Beef patty blend (150gm), green oak lettuce, American cheese, house made pickles and our in-house special sauce. Common Burger Hack: Add another patty and bacon! ($3 + $2)

Heisenburger – Includes Fries  $19
A favourite for many, this Southern fried chicken burger coated in a moderate hot sauce will add a bit of heat and be balanced out with our house-made blue cheese sauce. We whack a bit green oak lettuce to pretend to be healthy and some crispy fried shallots for texture. Note: Some people change out the Blue cheese sauce thinking its too strong – Our sauce is SOOO different – Give it a go, its delicious! 

Dirty Bird- Includes Fries   $19
Crispy Southern fried chicken burger is full of crunch topped with some American Cheese, Green oak lettuce (which makes our instagram photos pop), crispy bacon which adds additional textural elements with the saltiness being controlled by that delicious blue cheese ranch Common Burger Hack: Combo with Fries and 3 wings ($7)

Chopper – Includes Fries  $20
150gm speciality Beef blend patty, green oak lettuce cheese, crispy bacon, blue cheese ranch, tomato sauce, raw onion + pickles. Common Burger Hack: Add another patty! ($3)

Mrs Crackles- Includes Fries   $20
With Slow cooked pork belly, black garlic aioli, strips of crackling on a base of His Boy’s chikin-mu, which adds a sweet and spicy crunch! 

Duke  – Includes Fries $21
With a 150gm Beef patty, green oak lettuce cheese, cheese, pickles, bacon, egg, salt and vinegar onion ring, BBQ sauce + special sauce, this burger is a favourite amongst those true blue cobbers – All its missing is beetroot!

The Oklahoma – Includes Fries  $23
TWO Oklahoma style beef patties with onion smashed into it creating a delicious caramelisation. A triple layer of tasty, mozzarella and American cheddar cheese, pickles, fries, smothered in gravy.

Faux Boy – Includes Fries  – Go Vegan for $1 –   $19 (VEGAN)
Veggie patty, green oak lettuce, cheese, pickles + special sauce 

Not So Clucky Burger – Includes Fries    $20 (VEGAN)
Vegan bun, Chickpea patty, Vegan Special sauce, Jalapeños, pickles & slaw

The Fun Guy – Includes Fries  $20 (VEGAN)
Vegan bun with Pulled Mixed Mushrooms, Beetroot Relish, Potato Chip Mayo & Fried Onions

Upgrade Your Fries?

Sweet Potato Fries Upgrade +$2
Chilli Cheese Loaded Fries Upgrade +$5
Gravy Cheese Loaded Fries Upgrade +$5
Add A Side?

3 Wings (Hot, BBQ, Southern Fried) +$3
Piece of chicken +$3.5
3 Onion rings +$3
3 Jalapeno Poppers +$5
2 Mozzarella Stickes +$5

Add to your Burger

Sauce   $2
Aioli, Blue Cheese Ranch, Special Sauce, Hot Sauce, Chipotle Mayo, BBQ. 

Gluten free bun   $2

Add an extra patty   $3

Bacon   $2

Egg   $2

Cheese   $2

Salt and Vinegar Onion Ring   $2

3 Wings (Hot, Southern Fried or BBQ)   $4.5

1 piece of Fried Chicken   $3.5

Jalapeños   $2



5 Piece   $15

Hot Wings (6 per serve)   $9 

BBQ Wings (6 per serve)   $9

Southern Fried Wings (6 per serve)   $10

His Boy’s Popcorn Chicken   $12


Side of Fries   $4

Side of Sweet Potato Fries   $6

Bowl of Fries   $8

Bowl of Sweet Potato Fries   $10

Mash and Gravy   $6

Mozzarella Sticks (3 per serve)   $10 

Salt and Vinegar Onion Rings (4 per serve)   $6

Jalapeño Poppers (6 per serve)   $10

Flower Power Popcorn   $10 (VEGAN)
Bite-sized cauliflower soaked in coconut cream with a crispy fried layer

Puffed Corn Salad   $8 (VEGAN)

Grilled Corn, Puffed Corn, Chives, Smoked Almond Dressing


Kids Cheeseburger + Fries   $12

Kids Chicken burger + Fries   $12

Popcorn Chicken + Fries   $12



Snakepit lager    $9
Our in-house beer brewed locally at Five Barrel Brewing.  4.2%

Budweiser    $9
A beer for people looking for beer that tastes like beer.  4.5%

Capital Brewing Coast Ale  $9
Coast Ale is Capital’s take on the California common ale. It’s fresh, crisp & clean with a rich malt body, zingy hop bitterness & a smooth rounded finish. 4.3%

Mountain Culture Lager $10
We strip the water back to an absolute base level softness to make this beer super crisp, clean and smashable. 4.6%

Wayward Pilsner   $10
A crisp and clean Pilsner style lager. Ultra refreshing and perfectly balanced, complemented by subtle passionfruit and citrus hop characters. 4.2%

Pale Ale

Colonial Pale Ale    $9
A classic golden pale ale showcasing tropical Australian and American Hops, pine aromatics and gentle bitterness. 4.4%

Capital Brewing Summit Session Ale   $9
Pouring hazy, This beer is brewed for maximum flavour & sessionability. 3.5%

Capital Brewing Trail Pale Ale  $9
This fresh, juicy and sessionable pale ale has floral notes of pine and citrus with a smooth hop bitterness, a well balanced malt profile and a & refreshing finish. 4.7%

Mountain Culture Pale Ale    $10
This full-flavoured beer is well-rounded, lemonier than Mr Snicket, so piney you could varnish it and crisper than pre-dawn mountain air. Basically, it will go down easier than a diving submarine with the hatch still open. 5%

Bentspoke Barley Griffen Pale Ale   $10
A ridiculously easy drinking pale ale, perfect if you’re thinking of having a couple! 4.2%


Garage Project Golden Path Hazy IPA   $10
Brewed with mosaic, Columbus and strata for a juicy, hazy, hop bomb at a sessionable strength. 4%

Mr. Banks West Coast IPA   $10
Mr. Banks take on a West Coast IPA with a restrained bitterness & a huge dry hopping. 6.2%

Willie the Boatman Crazy Ivan IPA  $10
Crazy Ivan IPA is a mouthful of fun. To keep balances and slightly under control they use big Scottish malts married with American hops. 6%

Colonial IPA    $11
Enticing and quenching golden IPA, waves of jammy tropical hops. Balanced lingering bitterness. 6.5%

Capital Brewing Rock Hopper IPA   $11
Big and Juicy, this west coast IPA is loaded with tropical hop flavours and balanced with a refreshing dry finish. 6.1%

Colonial IIPA  $12
Let’s celebrate going green with a double dry hopped IIPA featuring Amarollo, Simcoe and NZ Rakau Hops. 8.2%

Bentspoke Crankshaft IPA    $12
Floral nose with notes of citrus and pine, and a nice punch of hops to go with a solid malt finish. 6.0%

Bentspoke Cluster 8 IIPA    $12
Drifting in is cluster 8, this geared up IIPA promises to quench your hop thirst.  8.8%

Sunday Road Brewing Double Oat Cream IPA $15
This smooth Oat Cream UPA is made with a perfect mix of Kiwi and Aussie hops, boldly balanced to enjoy it right to the bottom of the glass and say ‘how good is living down under’. 7%

Mountain Culture Be Kind Rewind $18
Brewed to be big and juicy in the hope that it will take you on a tropical excursion without you having to leave your home. One of the best beers Australia has to offer. 7.3%

Garage Project Boss Level Ultra IPA $18
A can load of weaponised hop firepower. Warning! Proceed with the upmost caution, lower your guard and it’ll be game over man, game over. 440ml can. 8.5%

Garage Project Hazy Daze $18
Made with Citra and Simcoe, this Hazy IPA is a juice bomb just waiting to hit your lips. 5.8%

Garage Project Mix Tape IPA $18
An old school West Coast IPA classic for your drinking pleasure. 7.5%


Mountain Culture Status Quo   $11
Status Quo is a New England Pale. Made for hop lovers with massive late and dry hop additions, it’s full of flavoured and more tropical than the Hawaiian ukulele orchestra 5.6%

Capital Brewing Hang Loose Juice $11
Blood orange NEIPA, tastes like a glass of freshly squeezed juice with tropical notes and a refreshing bitter finish.6%

Willie the Boatman Nectar of the Hops $12
A sweet, fruity NEIPA with hints of pineapple, mango and lychees. 5.8%


Akasha Canada Bay XPA $10

With its restrained malt profile and satisfyingly bitter finish, Canada Bay may well become your new place of worship. 4.2%

Capital Brewing Co XPA $10

A bright tropical number with a hint of citrus. Very refreshing & delightfully easy to drink, like a calypso sunset in a can. 5.0%

Stouts & Porters

Mr Banks ‘Accept All Cookies’ Imperial Porter $18
Black & White Cookie Imperial Porter. Inspired by the NYC black & white cookie. Imperial milk porter conditioned on loads of Cacao Nibs & Vanilla Bean. Look to the cookie! 8%

Sours & Gose

Wayward Raspberry Sour $10
This ridiculously refreshing beer is bursting with bright raspberry flavours, balanced by zippy tartness and a crisp dry finish. It’s summer in can! 3.8%

Batch Pash the Magic Dragon $10
A kettle sour ale with passionfruit and dragonfruit added after fermentation to give a pink colour to the beer and an intense passionfruit flavour and aroma. 4.5%


Colonial Small – Mid Strength    $8

Drink small and stand tall with this full bodied, flavour packed small ale. 3.5%

Colonial Draft Kolsch Ale   $10
Crisp and Clean. 4.8%

Seltzers & Ciders (not beer)

Colonial Bertie’s Apple Cider $9
Crystal clear fresh crushed apple cider with a refreshing medium dry finish. 4.6%


Trentham Estate ‘The Family’ Rose, 2020 Murray Darling Sangiovese Rose
$11 Glass – $50 Bottle

Delatite Hell’s Window, 2019 Organic Gewurztraminer Pinot Gris Riesling
$13 Glass – $60 bottle 

Chrismont ‘La Zona’ Prosecco, King Valley Prosecco
$9 Glass – $44 Bottle

Chain of Ponds ‘Black Thursday’ Sav Blanc, 2020 Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc
$12 Glass – $55Bottle

Angus & Bremer Pinot Grigio, 2020 Langhorne Creek Pinot Grigio
$11 Glass – $50 Bottle

Chaffey Bros ‘Pax Aeterna’ 2020 Barossa Valley WIld Fermented Grenache
$10 Glass – $50 Bottle

Merricks ‘Thompson’s Lane’ Shiraz, 2013 Mornington Peninsula Shiraz
$12 Glass – $55 Bottle

Cape Margaret Cabernet Sauvignon, 2018 Margaret River Cab Sav
$11 Glass – $50 Bottle



Build me up Buttercup  $17

Diplomatico rum, butterscotch, orange bitters, pineapple, lemon and cinnamon

Hot Buttered Rum   $17
Brown butter washed rum, Demerara sugar and cinnamon


Big Apple   $10
Rye Whiskey + Apple Juice

Miami Splice   $15
Midori + Rum + Pineapple + Soft Serve

Passion Mojito   $16
Rum + Lime + Mint + Passionfruit

Jane His Wife  $18
Chai vodka + Elderflower + Raspberry + Apple

Espresso Martini   $16
Vodka + Baileys + Espresso

Tipsy Iced Tea   $13
Gin + Peach Schnapps + Cranberry

Hibiscus Sour   $16
Hibiscus infused gin + Vermouth + Lemon

Pretty Woman    $17
Passoa, Elderflower, Vodka, Lemon & Pineapple

New Old Fashioned   $17
Woodford + Ardbeg + Ginger

Milky Way   $15
Vodka + Frangelico + Chocolate


Soda   $4
Coke, Coke no sugar, Lemonade & Ginger Beer

Spiders   $6
Cola, Lemonade & Ginger Beer

Shakes   $8
Choc Oreo, Caramel Pretzel, Peanut and Jelly, Strawberry

Apple bottled juice   $5

Orange bottled juice   $5

Sparkling Mineral Water   $4

Lemon, Lime & Bitters   $5.5


Barstool Brothers  AS Colour tee   $10

His Boy Elroy Standard AS Colour tee   $20

Every day is Fry-day AS Colour tee   $20


Every day is Fry-day AS Colour Hoodie   $40


Snakepit Lager Cap   $35