His Boy Elroy Best Burgers Wollongong


Throughout lockdown, His Boy Elroy partnered with businesses around the Illawarra to pay over $30,000 of food forward to those in need. Whether it was nurses working tirelessly on the frontline of the COVID response, Hospitality staff who had lost employment or our Barstool Brothers and their families, we are proud to support our community that shows so much support to us.

With the new round of NSW Government’s Dine & Discover vouchers, we are asking those who would like to ‘pay it forward’ to pop in all the details of their dine voucher and we will pay it forward to someone in need in our community. 

OH! and also – you also have the option on receiving a free feed in-store as well !

Nuts and Bolts

By you submitting your details, you will help us provide a free feed to someone in need, you will also get a $15 gift voucher to spend in-store. For example you could help out our men’s mental health initiative, The Barstool Brothers.

The Barstool Brothers is established initiative whose purpose is to aid in the relief of mental illness within society by building communities of people who understand and are aware of their own mental health and can help those around them. This is achieved through the following:

  1. Increasing the availability of suitable social environments that foster a healthy social and mental wellbeing.
  2. Providing a space in hospitality venues for men to form authentic and positive relationships with each other and to talk about mental health.
  3. Providing Mental Health Response Training to staff of those hospitality venues  to enable them to better deal with at risk patrons.
  4. Providing online mental health resources to all members for free