We’re all about Authenticity, Loyalty and our connection to the Community...We also do mouthwatering food!

That’s the way we are at His Boy Elroy.


    Our new burger special for November has come from the brain of our very own Chris and we are pumped to have it on the menu 🍔 🐔

    THE BAPADA BOOPI is a Parmi Chicken topped with Chorizo Passata, Bacon, Cheese, Parmesan Aioli and Sun Dried Tomato Aioli!


    The whole His Boy team has gotten amongst it when it comes to our November special - and it’s Will that has come through with this breakfast delight 🤤 🥞

    The MANGO FLOAT PANCAKES are a 3 stack with Mango and Lime Jam, Coconut Condensed Milk Buttercream and Coconut Pie Crumb!


    Time to show off our new MILKSHAKE special for this month - the SPLICE UP YOUR LIFE 🥤🤤

    Sherbet, Orange Juice, Ice Cream, Vanilla Ice Tea, Vanilla Extract, Cream and a Maraschino Cherry - it’s Orange sherbet fizzy heaven that tastes just like a Splice!

  • The MarTEAni

    our COCKTAIL special for November - The MarTEAni 🍸 🎉

    We have combined a special Earl Grey Infused Gin with Lemon and Sugar for this delicious drink!

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  • Let us come to you!

    Take a look at our catering options for a range of occasions. From weddings, engagements or birthdays to breweries, major events and festivals we will tailor a package just for you!

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  • Awarded the Best Burger Bar in Australia!

    For mouthwatering breakfast pancake and waffle stacks to burgers, wings and fries bursting with flavoursome toppings, pork that melts at the tip of your tongue and a cold craft beer to wash it all down, visit His Boy Elroy. It’s a little version of America without the expensive plane trip!

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