His Boy Elroy's Top 10 Moments of 2022

His Boy Elroy's Top 10 Moments of 2022

Top 10 HBE Moments of 2022 made possible by our amazing team and our incredible community ❀️


1/ We win the best burger bar in AUSTRALIA! 🀯

2/ The Barstool Brothers reaches new heights by becoming a registered charity, launching and education program and ran over 90 FREE events for our members 🀝

3/ Palm Up a Pole campaign reach is off tap hitting over 500K people! 🌴

4/ Food truck is launched ! 🚘

5/ We feed spam at the Novotel fine dining degustation πŸ˜‚

6/ Our new cocktail range is released and is on fire!🍹

7/ One of our best customers, Dylan, creates Decembers special and it breaks the record for most special burgers sold in a month! 🀯

8/ Nashville Chicken range introduced and goes absolutely gangbusters! πŸ”₯

9/ Opposition leader, Peter Dutton offers to come in and to try the Dutton Dog 🌭

10/ Our Spam burger breaks the Internet reaching nearly 1 million people! 🀯

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